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Nick Murray has been a financial advisory professional for more than fifty years.

He is one of the industry's premier speakers, and the author of twelve books for financial services professionals, the latest of which is Around the Year with Nick Murray: Daily Readings for Financial Advisors. His one book for clients, Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth, has sold nearly a quarter million copies.

Nick's monthly newsletter for advisors, Nick Murray Interactive, is avidly followed by outstanding advisors all over the English-speaking world.



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Talking It Over Just the Two of Us:

We are offering Talking It Over Just the Two of Us: A Guide for the Financial Planner's Life Partner, only as an e-book, for purchase at $27.50 per copy.  (Originally published in hardcover in 2012, it had since gone out of print.)

We're not Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook. Thus, you will find our process at this stage less than the complete book-buying experience theirs is. You will certainly own the book; you'll just have to log into it when you want to read it on your computer, tablet or smartphone. But it won't be downloadable to your computer, nor printable.

Since it is an eBook, you will be purchasing and accessing the book from at our NMI newsletter website rather than from our hardcover bookstore. But one doesn't have to be an NMI subscriber to buy TIO. It will have its own completely different login.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with your login information. Please save that to access the eBook. You can also click HERE to login to access the eBook.


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