Talking It Over Just the Two of Us

NEW! For Advisors’ Life Partners

Talking It Over Just the Two of Us: A Guide for the Financial Advisor’s Life Partner by Nick and Joan Murray

The financial advisor’s life partner is the most underutilized resource in our industry. They certainly want to understand and help, but there’s no training for them – indeed, as far as we know, no one has ever attempted to speak directly to this audience. Until now, every couple has had to re-invent this wheel.

Talking It Over – written in Nick’s and Joan’s alternating voices – is a simple, straightforward non-technical and intensely personal guide to the way in which any committed couple can merge their intelligence, drive and common sense – and find thereby a level of success that the advisor might never achieve “going it alone.”

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1 Why We Are Writing This Book.. 2

2 How It All Started.. 10

3 Do You Really Want To Be a Partner?.. 18

4 Just for Today.. 28

5 Setting the Agenda.. 42

6 Measuring Activity, Not "Results" ..54

7 The Supreme Secret of Prospecting: "No" Doesn't Hurt.. 64

8 Your Partner Is Going to Succeed.. 74

9 Fear Kills.. 82

10 The Illusion of "Motivation".. 94

11 The Strange Case of Family and "Friends".. 100

12 The Business Is a Virtuous Cycle ..110

13 Financial Planning Is Fundamentally Simple..118

14 Leaving Expertise to the Experts.. 130

15 Questioning and Listening.. 138

16 Stress.. 146

17 The Retirement Income Planning Bonanza.. 152

18 YOYO: The Coming Golden Age of Personal Financial Advice.. 162

19 What We Have Sought to Say ..168

20 Further Resources ..180

Talking It Over Just the Two of Us
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