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Nick Murray's Scripts, What to say and how to say it

In Scripts, I’ve drafted every important statement an investment advisor would ever want to make to a client or prospect – with robust but non-argumentative responses to all the major species of questions and objections – in the simplest and most direct language. The focus here is not what to think, but what to say, and exactly how to say it.
In our profession, the messenger becomes the message: people rarely buy our advice so much as they buy us. The ability to speak and write to clients warmly, clearly and compellingly is therefore to be prized above all the other arrows in the advisor’s quiver.


Around the Year with Nick Murray: Daily Readings for Financial Advisors

Nick’s 2016 book is an entirely new format: a program of ten-minute daily readings which can, over the course of one year, turn you into the supremely confident and successful advisor you aspire to be.

You will discover how never to run out of prospects, and that they’re not qualifying you – you’re choosing them. You will accumulate very specific scripts for any and every prospect/client interaction you will ever have. And throughout a year, you’ll discover how finally to insulate your true clients against fear – so that they (and you) can prosper by continuously acting on their plan, not reacting to random circumstances.

Nick: “Every superior belief, behavior, process and script I’ve ever learned are here – to take you to the top of the profession, one day at a time.


The Game of Numbers: Professional Prospecting for Financial Advisors

Nick's book for all financial planners -- not just investment advisors -- who need to prospect. Whether you are just starting out in the profession of advice, or are a mid-career advisor stuck on a "plateau" or in a "comfort zone," your mortal enemy is prospecting Avoidance. You will never be able to build (or re-build) a first-class practice until you overcome your reluctance to prospect. This book is a complete system for breaking down prospecting reluctance, and gradually but steadily increasing your capacity to prospect. Prospecting is The Game You Always Win If You Don't Stop Playing It. And this is the ultimate how-to-not-stop prospecting book.


Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth

With 250,000 copies sold, Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth is now available in an attractively redesigned, thoroughly updated (through year-end 2018) 20th anniversary edition.

It’s a book for advisors to give to clients, in order to establish two great, complementary investing truths: (1) that equities are essential to long-term wealth-building and to a solidly rising income in retirement; and (2) that no one will ever be able to hold equities through all the fears (and fads) of the market cycle without you – the empathetic but tough-loving Behavioral Investment Counselor.



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Behavioral Investment Counseling (BIC):

Behavioral Investment Counseling, is available only as an eBook. This groundbreaking book – written during the millennial bear market of 2007-2009 – was the first fully developed practical application of behavioral economics to the careers of personal financial advisors.

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 Price: $35.00

Talking It Over Just the Two of Us (TIO):

Talking It Over Just the Two of Us: A Guide for the Financial Planner's Life Partner, is available only as an eBook. (Originally published in hardcover in 2012, it has since gone out of print.)

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Price: $27.50


Around the Year with Nick Murray (ATY):

In addition to the hardcover format, we offer Around the Year with Nick Murray as an eBook.

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Price: $45.



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